It is a privilege to be a mentor. It is also a huge responsibility to provide guidance and leadership to a person yearning for direction. Mentoring process is a platform to share knowledge with a person eager to learn or receive instructions for progress in a chosen area, be it career, purpose or business. Mentoring is a relationship that is rewarding for both the mentee and the mentor, giving fulfilment to both parties toward a similar goal.

  1. A mentor is a moulder of destiny that needs to be careful in his dealings with the mentees. This role gives so much power to you in determining a lot about how the other party turns out. It is imperative to teach them the much you depending on their willingness to learn. Avoid taking advantage of the mentee. Don’t rough handle them. I know a long standing mentor who has refused to own a business just to avoid having a clashed interest with the people he is raising. He has recorded a tremendous success in his work too.
  2. The process of apprenticeship could lead to the change in the personality of the mentee, therefore the mentor must avoid erasing the personality of the mentees completely. There is need to give room for expression of the individual’s uniqueness and personal traits. It is good to give corrections and rebuke when the need arises so issues are not overlooked. It is in the interest of both parties to have accountability as an established rule of engagement.
  3. I have learnt to allow mentees express their dreams. A common mistake I noticed in the grooming process is the temptation to keep the person as an extension of your vision. People are meant to be loved while money is meant to be used. Avoid the temptation to use people. Be willing and eager to release them. Don’t keep the person you’re meant to groom.
  4. The coaching process of mentoring brings about a lot of vulnerabilities as dark secrets are sometimes shared for lessons. It is helpful to expose your weakness and pains to reveal your humanity. Also, be ready to apologize when you are wrong because your judgments may not be right always. Be vulnerable but loving. You may be broken or disappointed sometimes, give yourself time to heal when broken. It is part of the process.
  5. The privilege of mentoring means you will be raising people that will outshine you in different areas. I have learnt never to compete with my mentees. This is because a mentor is like a king maker. Be content with such as you have. Don’t see your mentees as your backup when in crisis but be free to ask for their support.

Post Script: I must admit that putting these points together was a bit more difficult than writing from the mentees’ angle. It is because the mentor’s work is tedious and has many sides to it. I will like to hear what lessons you learnt that is not captured here. Please feel free to comment below .