During a chat with a very senior colleague, he sought a counsel from me. The tone of the question suggested he needed my advice for his friend.

However, I got to realize he was in dire need of the truth about an issue he was going through. As the talk progressed, we discussed various battles that could confront an individual. “Ogun awon eyan mimo (the battles of the righteous), I have experienced it”, he told me. He then went on to narrate his story.
Follow me gently. There was a brother, let’s call him Akoba while our man’s name is Agbani. Brother Akoba was jobless and had to run errand for Oga Agbani. It went on for a while. Since both of them were believers, they went to seek the face of God in prayers.

God spoke to them that Akoba will secure a job in a company that was yet to be established. He also told them that Akoba should be careful with the job so as to avoid getting queried. Reason been that if Akoba gets queried and eventually sacked, he will suffer before gaining another employment.

Few months later, a company was established by a wealthy man. Akoba applied like others and got employed. Soon, he forgot he was once an applicant. Life is good. Or so he thought. He became arrogant at work and got queried three times.

Eventually, he was laid off for his rudeness. Few months afterwards, the Military government of Nigeria then swooped on the man’s company and razed it down for some political reasons. Akoba soon became a burden to Agbani.

It was at this point Akoba wrote a proposal to start his own company. He requested that Agbani, as an elderly person and a benefactor, proceed with him on another prayer retreat. Agbani obliged and off they went.

While there, Akoba brought a proposal in a sealed enveloped requesting Agbani’s prayers for favour from his new prospective benefactor. Each time Agbani attempted to lay his hand on the letter to pray, he feels a deep burning sensation on his hand. He would quickly open his eyes. To his chagrin, he would see no one. He would then proceed to pray. This happened 3 times.

At that point, Akoba was curious. What was preventing him from praying for his young friend to obtain the favor he needs to fund his business idea? He queried himself but maintained silence. As time went by, Akoba fell out with Agbani. He lied, cheated and betrayed his benefactor.

The bridge broke. It was after that experience Agbani knew he was the “new” benefactor Akoba had in mind to sponsor the business idea. That means Agbani was to pray for Akoba to get favour before “Agbani.” The man told me, “had it been I prayed, it would have meant taking a loan to sponsor his project because I hadn’t money then. And he wouldn’t pay back.”

Here are my questions; Can a righteous man enslave himself with his prayers or words?
Why was God preventing him from praying on the letter?

Was Alpha right to hide the identity of the proposed sponsor from Oscar?