Free Indeed

Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed (John.8.36).

As the nation Nigeria celebrates independence, it is a thing of joy to be free from the rulership of the colonial masters. The nation could no longer bear to be ruled by strangers who were thought to have seized authority where they had no right to do so. That is the replica of what the sin nature does to the soul. It ravages the soul, take authority where it has no right and rule unapologetically. Everyone under the rulership of sin deserves true freedom.

For some, they got free and later became entangled. Others haven’t experienced the freedom at all. Jesus came specifically to offer the freedom that is needed for mankind. All that is required is to acknowledge him and be free indeed. He paid a complete price for the liberty of the oppressed. If He sets you free, your freedom will be total. Sin has a way of dominating a life and removing all the rights to choices with an imposition of a life style that is domineering. Sin is a Slave Master. Christ is the only Saviour that has defeated it in its entirety.

For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace (Rom.6.14).

The believe in Christ breaks the power of sin and offers freedom that not only breaks the power of sin but offers a freedom that cannot be reversed by the power of sin. Grace is then released for a supernatural living. It is this grace that lifts a soul to the realm of authority by which we walk as a victor. The rulership of sin has so much pain attached, while the grace of God offers liberty from entanglements. There is a true freedom and you can experience it. All you need do is to believe in Jesus as your Saviour. He offers total freedom.

© Olusola John.