The Word of God

Then the word of the LORD came to me…(Zec. 4:8).

Receiving the word of the Lord is the basis of faith which we often exercise in the midst of challenges or after prayers. This word comes in the form of assurance, promises or confidence. While it’s enough to read the Bible and believe, receiving a specific word is vital as a premise for divine expectations.

It is important to understand this principle when it comes to receiving from the Lord. A classic example is Abraham. He didn’t just expect a child. There was a specific promise which God kept reminding him until the word was fulfilled. Do you often wait long enough in prayers to get a conviction of what God plans for you?

Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven (Ps.119.89).

The word of God is tried, tested and trusted. It will be easier to have the heavens and earth removed out of their places than to see the word of God fail. There has never been a person that exhausts the promises of God before their departure from the earth. His promises are inexhaustible.

The way to receiving the word is to pray, wait on God as we study His word until there is a release in our spirit of a word, witness, a verse or peace of mind. God still speaks but do you listen?

© Olusola John.