We had a brief conversation. He is a dynamic young man that has lots of ideas. His growing up years were inure into books that changed his perspectives about life. The last time he visited me, he read through a lot of books in my library. Now we are meeting after many years. His immediate circle of friends didn’t understand him. They get easily satisfied and he is discontent. It sure has to be because he operates years ahead of his age.

Again, their social inertia amazes him. He had issues with the lackadaisical attitude of young people his age. Their chase of vanity wearies him. He was disappointed each time he tried helping one more person, only to be challenged to “show” what he has achieved. A good way of saying, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Sure, he has it but not ready to flaunt it. The counterintuitive cultural mumble jumble saddens him. I told him to read more about his culture. Did you get that? Yes, more like telling him to look into the mirror. See your culture through a lens. I recommended a book, “how to be a Nigerian.” Then another, “the trouble with Nigeria” then another…

You see, learning about your culture will help you live better with your people. There is a popular culture that wants you to flaunt yourself. There is another culture that suspects every good suggestions you have to better somebody’s life. Learn to navigate your environment with less hassle.