The global lockdown has shown us the privilege of freedom. Up until now, it was no big deal going to work, socializing and traveling but the world is changing to what we are yet to decipher.
One reality of the lockdown is the emotional drain most people are experiencing. It gives a feeling of confinement that is akin to what prisoners’ experience. I have read tweets addressing others as fellow inmates, which suggest the emotional state of people in this unpredictable period.

The effects of the immobility is bringing out the different personalities in people: the good, the bad and the ugly. A man who defied the lockdown order, got arrested only for him to confess that his wife was worse than Corona virus. Yet, some parents are complaining about the burden of managing their children. Even some women would prefer to cook less, if only there is freedom of movement so they can be free.

However, the seemingly unproductive time can be channeled into profitable ventures, if well planned. The rate at which the world was going before the lockdown could have spelt danger if not death for many. They had no time to rest but now it is the time to rest, relax and re-strategize for the future. This period offers opportunity for reevaluation of the past decade.
Also, the period affords the opportunity to reach out to loved ones. Relationship is very important, it is a gift which requires maintenance. This period can be maximized for that purpose. Some Telecommunication companies like MTN has given free SMS for text messages. It cost less to reach out now.

This period also gives the opportunity to have a Personal Development Plan (PDP) in which an individual can add skills and knowledge to himself for future use. Opportunities like the free online education from Harvard University and Saylor Academy ( I know people who got stranded in foreign countries and now using the opportunity to learn a new skills. It is good if you have the privilege to set goal for everyone in the house, especially as the head of the home. That will help to channel the time productively.

While it is very good to eat well, it is also important to introduce intermittent fasting which has both spiritual and physiological benefits. It also helps to build resilience especially when exercises and meditation are added to the fasting.

Finally, it is time to be more emotionally intelligent by becoming more aware of yourself, the changes you have experienced over the years, study people around you more, become more authentic and develop more emotional reasoning. These developments tips should include learning to manage yourself more and making positive influence on people around you. The good news is that “this too shall pass”.