The reality of achieving success or making it, is often under emphasized. This has worsen with the rise in the use of the social media, as people now flaunt wealth with little or no emphasis on the process. The old saying still sounds true, “no crown without a cross.” Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, hence the need to emphasis the bitter part of success. No sudden success takes less than 10 years to achieve.

Is success a must? No! But failure is more expensive to live with, as it requires less effort to succeed than to manage failure. Human beings are made to grow, made for progress or success. Anything less than that is a life without fulfillment. Success is relative to your assignment in life, so see yourself in the light of your purpose. Lack of growth will only cause you frustration and nothing more.

Self-development is a necessity for a happy life. Of all that one can acquire in life, it is only what you have in you, by way of knowledge, experience, nutrients and spiritual development that will go to the grave with you. It takes growth to be a person of value. Value isn’t cheap and growth costs a lot to achieve. How much are you willing to pay to grow?

Growth cost a fortune in resources – time, money and others. Very many people are comfortable with freebies when it comes to personal development. Quit the thought. Everything good comes at a cost. Free things have less value not because they are free but you won’t know the value. Price is a measure of value. It takes a person of value to see the cost of free things. Have you identified your teachers? Pay to learn from them. Buy their products, spend money to develop yourself. Nothing good comes easy.

Your mental investment can continue to yield profits, even after your departure from the earth, by way royalties, dividends, patent or impact. To refuse to grow is the sin you will commit against yourself. What is your Personal Development Plan (PDP)?