When Servants Reign

For three things the earth is disquieted,
and for four which it cannot bear:
For a servant when he reigns;
and a fool when he is filled with meat.

The confusion that Solomon faced when he wrote this verse has not changed. It remains true that principles don’t change irrespective of the times, geography or circumstances, principles don’t change. We have seen servants become responsible and sons gone wayward. What can the believer learn in principle from this? The path to authority and honour is wrapped in principles and service. If you lay hold on the service, you are very much likely to end up with the principles that is if you serve well. Good servants discover the secrets that children are taught.

Why do servants reign? They reign because while serving, they learn the art of leading. Leadership is service. Jesus emphasized to his followers that if they must be great, then serving should not be beneath them. Serve when appointed, serve when inclined, and serve every time. Anyone who is too big to serve is too small to reign because at the heart of leading is the desire to meet the needs of the people. There are too many people eying the top not getting there. The way up is the way down- to serve, build, fix and restore.

I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth (Ecc 10:7).
While it is true that sons are heir apparent to the throne, there are requirements that must be met to confer the rights of honour on them. One of such is maturity because nobody commits the throne to a child. It is an error to give a position of authority to a child. As long as the heir remains a child, he is not different from the slaves. Another reason is responsibility. It is expected that responsibility comes along with growth. Then wisdom is also paramount in the art of leadership. These and more are the rudiments princes are exposed to in the training for the assignment ahead of them. But any prince that rejects these will be replaced by servants.

The current craze for “manifestation” will not happen without the needed equipping, grooming and learning that culminate into maturity. No sudden breakthrough that has not taken over ten years in training. Let me show you how best to manifest. It is by yielding in totality to the personal instructions the Holy Spirit will take you through in the Word of God and your life. “And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ” (Gal. 4:6-7).