Heb.10.35 – Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward.

Confidence is required if we must serve God acceptably and receive rewards. It is the part of us that says, “Yes, my God is able and I will trust in Him.”

Lack of confidence causes timidity. A timid person cannot speak with boldness neither will he stand in trying period. There is a level of assurance that comes with confidence. What would you do if the Driver of a cab you joined tells you he is scared of driving? Would you continue the journey?

Situations may shake you, circumstances may change, but your confidence in the Word of God should not be shaken. Don’t throw it away. It is the expression of your faith in the infallibility of God’s word. Stand still and know He is God!

It is then you will see that help still comes from above. God will be exalted in that situation and you will hold your peace. Don’t throw away your confidence. Keep holding on. May God strengthen your heart in Jesus name. Amen.
Savour with Sola John.