Most adverts would ask, “are you fit for the job?” That is a wrong question to ask you, if you know who you are. You were created before any job was offered to you. You must know basic things about yourself before considering any job offer. Understanding your wiring and make up can go a long way in helping you decide what career to consider.

There are factors that make up your total interest in a career. One of them is your personality, which hardly changes even when you age. Experiences just reinforce what is built into your personality. There are jobs that are not designed for you. If you are an extrovert, catching fun with people even in the line of duty, you will not make a good scientist, that spend hours in the laboratory with reagents and test tubes. It is about living by design.

Another factor that is essential to you is your skill. What are you skillful at doing or learning effortlessly? There are natural tendencies or areas you will gravitate towards whenever you are learning. Our last born began to write stories at age 4. He kept it and read it to me. He reads books and create stories effortlessly. His sister goes about the house cutting papers to design clothes, making cards, and so on. What are your skills? Discover them again because it is part of your design.

Also, it is important to know your areas of interest. Are you fascinated with animals, working with flowers or interacting with people? Your interest lights up your mood when you get to see it or touch it. Everyone has what tickles them into action. An interest doesn’t have to pay you but you can spend your life doing it. Do you have an idea what that could be?

Finally, your values are very important in choosing your career. Do you value time with family and friends? Then there are jobs not designed for you. Do you value time with God? Then you won’t consider certain careers that will consume your time. Do you want to make plenty money? That is also a value that will drive you from choosing some careers.

To make a successful career choice, all the four factors must agree together. If not, it is a matter of time, you would quit. The process of making this decision doesn’t have to be difficult. Talk to they would conduct an assessment for you. The report will answer your questions.