A little learning is a dangerous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.

– Alexander Pope

The daily realities of growth, innovation and development in various field expose the ignorance of the best of us. This has made learning, re-relearning and unlearning the new form of cognitive development for knowledge seekers.

It is good to know when you don’t know. It is better to learn when you don’t know. And it is best to keep quiet when in doubt. When pseudo-knowledge or ignorance masquerades as knowledge, the fountain of public discourse is polluted. It is an evil I have seen pervade the society and perhaps it is not new.

A single unmarried man thinks he knows more about marriage than the married.

A doctor, in his professional capacity, was teaching about family planning, and made those who gave two years gap to their children feel guilty. He later got married and his kids had less than a year gap. He learnt the hard way.

It is easy to see a person who can’t manage relationship as a single, giving marriage counsel. When the blind leads the blind, they both land in the pit. If you must choose a teacher, mentor or counsellor, choose wisely.

The circle continues. A motivational speaker who has listened to plenty messages thinks he preaches better than a person formed in the crucibles. A student thinks his teacher knows nothing. A child thinks his parents know nothing about life. Such irony. When you have a chance to choose your teacher, choose wisely.